What’s the most confusingly, awesome, maze of a blue store in America? (Not WalMart y’all!)

IKEA is probably one of the most trivial furniture stores, but damn does it have some seriously awesome perks with the ability to change and DIY all of it without too much of a budget for some swanky nesting. Who knew the Swedish were that awesome? (Just kidding, I love Sweden.) All hail IKEA Hackers with their awesome contributors that show their IKEA “hacks” and describe exactly step by step how they do it (and sometimes pictures too!)

Below are a few of my favorites from over time that IKEA Hackers have featured. Click on the images to find the original sites for more directions and information on how to make your own IKEA hack.

Ikea Hackers

Window Herb Garden
ORE Shower Curtain Rod, FINTORP Cutlery Caddy, BYGEL S-Hook

I would love this if  I ever had a place in a big city. I could grow herbs for Mike and his cooking and such and not have to pay for them anymore! Maybe some basil or rosemary? You catch my drift.

Storage Cubes with a Difference
Materials: Forhoja wall cabinet, wallpaper, wallpaper paste

These particular contributors have an excellent house, I love the way they brought together all of the trinkets and union jacks everywhere. Heart times 100.

Tradig Metal Chandelier
Materials: Tradig red bowl, spray paint, mini pendant light, light bulb

Personally I think this is one of the most creative out of the bunch that I have seen over the years. Props to the creator of this particular DIY.

Pax as Walk-in Closet
: Pax, Malm

I should probably note to you that my main point for IKEA Hacks are that I am extremely unorganized. A lot of my main purchases from IKEA are for assistance in self organization, though I’m not one to really follow through. Ive considered building a closet many times to something similar for easy view when I move into a place a little more permanent.

Just as simple as a couple fabrics and furniture additions, you could have a pretty white looking house with a few extra awesome useful hacks that make your space from boring to quirky and awesome overnight.

Good luck with your future decorating endeavors and tweet me at @lianakangas.


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